What Causes Bed Sores in Older Adults?

As a rule, the problem occurs in those who are bedridden due to a stroke or bone fractures. Treatment of pressure sores in older people is not an easy task. In this article, we will look at some of the major causes that trigger bed sores in senior citizens. Causes of Bed Sores in Seniors:

Pressure ulcers are pathological changes in the skin, muscle and bone tissue. The bedsores in the elderly may be caused by a violation of innervation, blood circulation, lymph circulation in a separate area of the body. As a rule, they appear due to prolonged contact with a solid surface. Below we have listed some of the major characteristics of bedsores:

  • Bed sores may appear on areas which come in contact with a solid surface;
  • Bed sores in older people have a phased development. First, blood circulation is disturbed in a separate part of the body. If you do not treat the bedsores in an elderly person, then further wet or dry neurotrophic necrosis, sepsis or gas gangrene may occur;
  • If a senior suffers from diseases of the cardiovascular system, it might lead to bedsores very quickly;
  • Bedsores in older people affect protruding areas of the body.

The wounds may appear most often in the below circumstances:

  • For patients who are constantly lying on their backs, the pressure sores may affect the sacrum, tailbone, buttocks, spinous processes of the spine, shoulder blade, and heel.
  • If the patient lies on their stomach, then the bedsores may affect the knee joints, the crests of the ilium, and the bulging surface of the chest.
  • If the patient lies on the side, then bedsores may appear on the ischial tubercles.
  • In rare cases, bedsores in older people occur in the region of the neck and the folds of the mammary glands.
  • Sometimes, bedsores in elderly people appear under a plaster cast, in a place where moisture-proof material fits tightly to the body, under a bandage, etc.

Bedsores might also affect the area under the denture. A wound may occur in the area of the urethra due to prolonged drainage of the urethra. The ulcers can also be seen on the vascular mucosa at times. Advantage Health Coverage: The 2019 Medicare advantage plans assist in paying for costs including coinsurance, deductible, etc. for over 65 seniors in the United States.