Why It Is Important for You To Be Careful When Buying Medications for the Elderly?

Why It Is Important for You To Be Careful When Buying Medications for the Elderly?

Unfortunately, many older people face a number of illnesses. Because of this, the doctor prescribes not one, but several medications at once. Each specialist usually prescribes two medicines, and an elderly person has a whole list of diseases. Therefore, they are required all of them at the same time, the number of which often exceeds 10 per day. In the US and the UK, older people account for one-third of all medications prescribed by doctors. Dr. Schneider, who works at the Salt Lake City University Hospital, believes that the simultaneous administration of a large number of medicines causes an increase in health problems, because patients have adverse reactions, and many of them are beginning to abuse drugs. By the way, the phenomenon associated with the fact that the patient is prescribed numerous drugs for the elderly is called as polypharmacy.

Of course, medications for the elderly help cope with diseases and improve the quality of life of many patients. However, the main problem is that pharmaceutical companies have unlimited access to the media, and many of us have a poor understanding of the medical issues of the elderly. Hence, most of us end up purchasing medications that can turn out to be harmful to the elderly simply because we have a habit of trusting various advertisements on the TV. As a rule, the side effects are not mentioned, and the effect of the drug is not confirmed. Companies use various marketing methods to attract customers’ attention, show the merits of the drug and hold back information about its possible shortcomings.

The question of how to regulate the consumption of drugs and their marketing has been raised repeatedly by the World Health Organization, as expressed in the report on drug supply to the elderly. This document describes recommendations on how medications should be prescribed for the elderly and are relevant for countries that are members of the organization. These 2020 Medicare advantage plans go parallel with Part A and B Medicare program as they enable seniors to cover additional costs like copay, co-insurance, etc.



I suppose that all human beings have their inner most desires and goals that they would want to achieve in life. It is however difficult to pursue these desires and achieve their goals due to time constraints.  This is the situation that most people find themselves in during career phase when most of their time is dedicated to their work. At this point in life, Personal time is limited and only sufficient for the much needed rest after long days of work making it quite impossible to take up personal activities. Consequently, people are forced to abandon most of their dreams.


Retirees enjoy lots of free time. This new found time freedom can be put into useful utilization by pursuing long time personal desires that demanding careers deny people the opportunity to actualize. Again you might never know the outcome of such ventures. Grand ideas that have had significant impact to the world are known to have originated from the simplest and most noble thoughts. It is therefore a venture worth taking up.


The rewards resulting from such actions are not only the possibility of a successful outcome but more desirable benefits can be realized as outlined here under.

  • Creates happiness

Our dreams originate from our inner most desires and they really matter to us. Engaging into activities that are of great interest to us is so awesome that it cannot be described as work.

  • Living a life with no regrets

Failure is such a regrettable thing. It is therefore needful to give it a try regardless of whether you get something out of it or not. A clear conscience is good enough to keep regrets away knowing that you tried. It’s better to try and fail than falling to try at all.

  • Boosting self esteem

If you overcome the fear associated with pursing your dreams due to foreseeable uncertainties, you end up trusting yourself more consequently boosting your self-esteem. Get 2020 medicare supplement plan quotes to prepare for retirement.

  • Motivates your peers

Most people do discuss their ideas and dreams with their peers. Pursuing those dreams and ideas regardless of the outcome motivates the people around you to pursue theirs as well. This transforms you into a purposeful person in the community worth looking upon. So Don’t give up when you still have time. It will cost you nothing yet you can benefit a lot from the same.

What Causes Poor Appetite in the Elderly?

What Causes Poor Appetite in the Elderly?

Lack of appetite in an elderly person can be caused by:

  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Pneumonia, influenza, hepatitis or infection;
  • Cirrhosis, acute heart failure, or chronic renal failure;
  • Cancer of the stomach, colon, blood;
  • Inflammation of the alimentary canal, intestines;
  • Diabetes mellitus, low thyroid hormone levels, endocrine problems;
  • Certain types of dementia;
  • Autoimmune diseases;

Various mental disorders. For example, the appetite of older people may be spoiled due to schizophrenia. Medicines like anesthetics, antibiotics, diabetes medications or chemotherapy may also lead to the loss of appetite in seniors. The above reasons do not include all the factors that cause poor appetite in an elderly person. We should not forget that its deterioration may be associated with bad habits, excessive consumption of fatty foods and sweets. Sometimes it is impossible to determine what causes the loss of appetite in the elderly.

If the elderly have no appetite, this may lead to weight loss, loss of strength, and general weakness. Sometimes because of this, all body systems fail. At times, it may also lead to brain disorders as the nutrients and micro-elements they need do not enter the body with food. Thus, poor appetite in the elderly can be a serious issue. Poor appetite may also result in muscle atrophy and problems with the musculoskeletal system. Anorexia is a common disease that occurs among the elderly. As a rule, the patient has no complaints, they gradually lose weight but do not feel hungry. In such situations, the symptoms may turn fatal.

If a poor appetite for an elderly person causes weight loss, then you need to consult with a specialist. As a rule, this signals the presence of a serious illness. The doctor can examine the patient and prescribe some tests to find out the reason for the absence of hunger. Through a blood test, a specialist will find out what caused an older person to have a poor appetite. For example, the condition might be associated with liver disease, diabetes, or even impaired hormonal functions of the body. A urinalysis can also be prescribed to check whether a poor kidney infection is caused by an infection in the kidney, and a chest x-ray will be needed to detect lung cancer or pneumonia.

To find out the exact cause of the disorder, it is necessary to conduct medical procedures. We are talking about barium enema, blood test (complete), ultrasound scanning of the abdominal organs, testing of liver, kidney functions, examination of the thyroid gland, urinalysis and X-ray of the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. About Senior Folks and Medigap Coverage: The 2020 Medicare Supplement plans allow older folks pay for out-of-the-pocket costs. Some of these might consist of coinsurance, deductible, etc.

What Is Considered Good Investment?

What Is Considered Good Investment?

Investments are done with the aim of savings or increasing the assets. Now, something will be considered good investment when it meets your objectives and goals. Thus, before making any investment it is necessary that you know what you want to achieve through that investment. You must clarify your objective for the investment. Once you do that it becomes easy to align the goals along with the objective. As a senior there can be different objectives for which you want to invest. Either you want to create your retirement income or you want to enhance your property. Whatever it is, once you know the goal it becomes easy for you to align them with your retirement plan. 

Are CDs can be considered as good investment for retirement income?

When you have the aim of preserving the capital or rather say that you want to protect the savings that you have done over the years then Certificate of Deposits, CDs can be considered good investment option. As you are trying to protect off your principal you may get low return but then it is safe. There is one problem with CDs and that is inflation. Sometimes when inflation is high you cannot make enough money with the interest that you get from CDs.

Is Real estate a good investment option?

Investment in real estate really pays off, but it has a lot of risk factor associated with it. You may have attended certain seminars where they will tell you that it’s easy to invest in real estate and get good return. The truth is it’s not. You can get steady income from rental real estate but for that too you need to do enough research before investing. Do not think that you can handle it easily as they show that way. Still, if you want to pursue this investment you can start researching now.

Is gold considered as good investment for retirement?

Do you think that betting in Vegas is considered as good investment? If your answer is no then investing in gold will also be a bad choice. It is not like betting in Vegas but similar to that. For understanding whether you can invest in gold it is necessary that you understand the historical gold prices. Actually over the years the return from gold is not much as compared to other investment options. There are many other investment options and they can be good investment for you provide they help you reach your goal after retirement.

What Causes Bed Sores in Older Adults?

What Causes Bed Sores in Older Adults?

As a rule, the problem occurs in those who are bedridden due to a stroke or bone fractures. Treatment of pressure sores in older people is not an easy task. In this article, we will look at some of the major causes that trigger bed sores in senior citizens. Causes of Bed Sores in Seniors:

Pressure ulcers are pathological changes in the skin, muscle and bone tissue. The bedsores in the elderly may be caused by a violation of innervation, blood circulation, lymph circulation in a separate area of the body. As a rule, they appear due to prolonged contact with a solid surface. Below we have listed some of the major characteristics of bedsores:

  • Bed sores may appear on areas which come in contact with a solid surface;
  • Bed sores in older people have a phased development. First, blood circulation is disturbed in a separate part of the body. If you do not treat the bedsores in an elderly person, then further wet or dry neurotrophic necrosis, sepsis or gas gangrene may occur;
  • If a senior suffers from diseases of the cardiovascular system, it might lead to bedsores very quickly;
  • Bedsores in older people affect protruding areas of the body.

The wounds may appear most often in the below circumstances:

  • For patients who are constantly lying on their backs, the pressure sores may affect the sacrum, tailbone, buttocks, spinous processes of the spine, shoulder blade, and heel.
  • If the patient lies on their stomach, then the bedsores may affect the knee joints, the crests of the ilium, and the bulging surface of the chest.
  • If the patient lies on the side, then bedsores may appear on the ischial tubercles.
  • In rare cases, bedsores in older people occur in the region of the neck and the folds of the mammary glands.
  • Sometimes, bedsores in elderly people appear under a plaster cast, in a place where moisture-proof material fits tightly to the body, under a bandage, etc.

Bedsores might also affect the area under the denture. A wound may occur in the area of the urethra due to prolonged drainage of the urethra. The ulcers can also be seen on the vascular mucosa at times. Advantage Health Coverage: The 2019 Medicare advantage plans assist in paying for costs including coinsurance, deductible, etc. for over 65 seniors in the United States.

Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?

Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?

Most people will be in dilemma if their answer to the question above is ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Actually saving for retirement may seem a easy task but in reality it is tough. Most seniors after retiring find that they have not been saving enough to support their family after retirement. If you don’t want yourself among such individuals then it is necessary that you start working on your investment plans from now when there is enough time in hand. Here are few tips that will help you to make your investment plans so that you have enough after retirement.

Make savings in autopilot

You can participate in different retirement plans like 401k, 457, 403b and others. The contribution to these funds should be directly from your pay. This way you do not have to worry about making savings everything as that will be done directly from the pay. Yes, before making direct payment you have to keep the expenses for daily life. Thus, determine how much can you save and then transfer. You can also invest in other tax savings vehicles like the health savings accounts. By making automatic payments you get the payments done and do not have to worry about the dates when the payment will be made. Also remember that you should have certain emergency savings in hand so that you can cope up during the period when the funds are yet to be released.

Don’t allow yourself get distracted by debt

Before retirement one of the main distraction is too much debt. Do not let too much debt come in your way of saving for tomorrow. In case you have certain debt related issues you should try to resolve them as fast as possible so that they do not have impact on your retirement plans. In order to reduce debts you can try the following

  • Pay off the credit card balances well within time so that you do not bear extra interest.
  • Do not make any large purchase in haste. Wait for at least 48 hours to take the right decision, at least just before retirement.
  • Ensure that your living expenses is 50% of your total household income. This way you will be able to save more.
  • Try to make cash purchases more as that way you will not be increasing your debts.

The best way to save for your old age is planning when you have enough time in hand. Do that and you do not have to worry alter.